Donor thanks


You helped us raise nearly $15,000 in our first five years of operations, and you've helped make a very painful time just a little bit easier to bear. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


With your help, we have been able to continue to support arts training for youth in the communities in which Chris played, trained, studied and grew to be a musician who had some remarkable achievements in his too-short life. It is our hope that his spirit may live on in the city of Calgary and beyond, through the support we will continue to give towards arts training.


Our superstars ...

Mike & Judy Reimer
Gord McCullough
Irena Rosychuk
Tomislav Curac
Scott Wilson
Vicki Adams Willis
Euan Thomson
Donna Horton
Westwinds Music Society
Elizabeth Bachinsky
Jerry Shiel
Sam Loomes
Silvana Campus
Jeremy Stewart
Judy Reimer
Irena & Bryan Rosychuk
Nancy Partlow
Meric Long
Vera Frey
Daniel Zomparelli
Nancy Prior
Todd Cote & Dema Grim
Eric & Christie LeDain


With humble thanks ...

Kim McLean
Scott Wilson
Adam Countryman
Eric Rumble
Silva Helmer
Gordy & Sandy Braun
Marie Gray
Jason Christie & Andrea Ryer
Dave Wasylow
Brendan Fraser
Jeff Storey
Clinton St. John
Dan Cherwoniak
Kozak Family
Jordan Tettensor
Sandeep Aggarwal
Jeff Macleod
Helen Hadala
Shannon Zaychuk
Rose Ashworth


There from the beginning...

Kathi Sundstrom
B & T Flegel
Mary Sorensen
Taz & Amir Dhalla
Sue Bayne
Brenda Pullman
Kris Cruikshank
Liz & Eldon Hnylcia
Frank Starratt
Pete & Bev Malenica
David & Pam Kohlenberg
David Martin
Linda Chichak
Dave & Barb Greig
Kelly Devall
Trent & Maureen Baisley
Ben Polos Professional Corporation
Valerie Pilson
Kurt Brackman
Martine O'Connor
Bernard Fung
Petroleum Joint Ventures Association
Healing Bridge

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