Tributes, influences,
threads and mutations

A music community is not unlike a multi-celled organism in a constant state of evolution. Cells split off, mutate, and reform. Influence spreads at a cellular level.

It is our humble opinion that Chris Reimer left a mark on everyone he met, whether through his skills on the guitar, his understated yet rapidfire wit, his humility, or his gentle, easygoing nature. Below is an inexhaustive list of bands and projects by Chris' friends and former bandmates, including work created in memory of him.


Astral Swans

All My Favourite Singers are Willie Nelson
(Madic Records 2014)

Astral Swans (aka Matt Swann)'s "Park Street" contains a sample of Chris Reimer's "Truck Middle."



Child Actress

Milking a Dead Cow (2017)

Rena Kozak's solo project is hauntingly, heartbreakingly beautiful.
The song Fully Waterproof was written by Chris Reimer and arranged by Rena Nicole Kozak.



Cindy Lee

Tatlashea (Isolated Now Waves, 2012)
Act of Tenderness (CCQSK Records, 2015)

Former Women guitarist Pat Flegel's current project has been called a "fucked up noisy masterpiece."



The Dodos

Carrier (Polyvinyl 2013)

"Though Reimer doesn’t play on Carrier, he’s a spiritual and musical inspiration that guides Meric Long and Logan Kroeber throughout, an incorporeal third member that still holds the most influence over the record’s direction." - Pitchfork


Clinton St. John

The Minor Arkhana (2014)

The sounds of The Minor Arkhana are reminiscent of the golden quality of late afternoon Alberta light in the spring, or the taste of bourbon in the back of the throat. Check out Reimer tribute tracks "Moth on a Drift" and "Boat on Fire."


Chad vanGaalen

Shrink Dust (Flemish Eye, 2014)

VanGaalen's fifth studio album is as iconic, psychedelic and esoteric as ever.


(formerly Viet Cong)

Viet Cong (Flemish Eye, 2015)
Preoccupations (Flemish Eye, 2016)
New Material (Flemish Eye, 2018

Preoccupations is former Women members Matt Flegel and Mike Wallace, with Scott Munro and Daniel Christiansen. They have a mighty sound.